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Street Light Music

If you are someone who is interested in music, we have the platform for you.

Welcome to Street Light Music

Streetlight Music began when musician/producer Fingazz crossed paths with businessman/music lover Flossy. Flossy, who had ambitions of starting a record company as well as a production studio, called upon the talents of Fingazz to help.
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Who We Are

We are music enthusiast who want to grow in the genres os music which we love.


What We Do

We help produce music and launch musician who have the right talent to stay on the stage.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring these musicians into the lime light with the help of our managers.

our artists

We have a wide range of artist who have their own specialization of music which can range from Jazz to rock and roll.


The 23 year Artist/Songwriter from Cali is what the West has been looking for. Donwon’s smash single “Waitin” produced by Super producer Fingazz is taking off with strong force.

Melissa Lujan

This 25 year old artist is one of the best songwriter our label has to offer who has a speciality in the jazz genre.


Fingadelic is the best when it comes to songs which are from Rock and roll origin which can speak to the soul of any person.


“This is one of the most talent oriented label I have discovered where they promote talent from any corner. They are looking for people who have the passion for music who can bring together people with their talent. It is just the best and if you feel that you have what it takes to be a singer, you should visit them.”

James M. Kent

#1 production studio

This is one of the best production studious who have all the facilities all under one roof.


This is the most sexiest type of music and you can easily understand the romantic nature of the music in your ears.


You can find some of the best blues music where African American people sing their hearts with their experience.

Rock & Rap

One of the most fastest growing genre of music is rock and rap and you can easily grow into learning and loving the genre.

Brand New songs

With our playlist you can listen to the wide array of music which is newly launched where you can learn and grow while listening.

What's Happening

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2019

Basketball Shoes

Comfort is one of the most things that players would like to receive from their shoes at a game of basketball. The right kind of shoes will provide you with flexibility and manoeuvrability so that you can take any leap for all types of shoots. But if you’re confused about the kind of shoes that you need to get for your wide feet, then here are some options made out of the best in the market.


1. Nike Lebron ⅩⅢ


Multiple features and the essence of quality make these shoes one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet online. The rubber sole in these shoes is worth mentioning, as it manufactured using excellent quality. The added feature of zoom air hexagon with 13mm cushioning provides all the factors that you require during a game of basketball. Flexibility, mobility and stability can be achieved even at dusty courts, and you will not regret these pair of shoes. But players with high arches might not find them to be suitable.


2. Jordan Men’s Air ⅩⅩⅩⅠ


There are high chances that you might fall for these shoes upon hearing the brand name. Enhanced cushioning will help you go through rough situations of the game, as the shoes are made for all kinds of moments that one might encounter during the game. People with wide feet might find it to be suitable as the brand focuses on such people. But players with narrow or regular feet will face a hard time getting used to these shoes if they decide to go for them.


3. Under Armour Curry 3 Zero


Steph Curry’s shoes offer a great amount of stability and control, as these shoes blend magic well within your legs. They are lightweight, flexible and provide ankle support for players. Factors of cushioning in these shoes might not be the best when compared to Jordan Men’s Air or Nike Lebron, but they are still worth your money. The lack of impact protection in them might seem like a drawback and player with wide feet might not be relaxed at all times.


4. Air Jordan CP3.X

The Air Jordan CP3.x takes into consideration the wide problem and provides an ideal solution. Made from breathable woven material, these shoes are extremely practical in terms of affordability as they come at a price that you might not refuse. Rough matches will not leave your feet sore, as these shoes are designed to take on such instances. On the contrary, you might feel that these shoes are not the good low-cut kind, as you might feel a sense of discomfort. But when it comes to wide feet, these shoes are still worth your investment.



Tips on Becoming a Music Artist

In today’s fast-paced music industry, you will surely find yourself looking for a producer who can give you quality beats, find affordable instrumental instruments that fit your budget and get an audience to act in front of you. It quickly becomes exhausting when you have to find a good rhythm maker that has the style of instrumental you’re looking for, as well as gathering fans and finding the resources you need to excel. That’s why I’m going to give you three tips on how to become a world-class music artist in a very short time.

The first advice is to go to a computer and see some producers online. There are several manufacturers of rhythms that publish their rhythms daily so that the artist has them in their hands. The beats cost around $ 19.00, and if you find a professional producer, they will have a license agreement to buy the rhythms you buy. There are all kinds of rhythm makers that have huge arsenals of online instrumentals that you can go through. Trying to find a producer locally can be an endless task when you do not have to do it that way.

Suggestion number two is to find a personal producer with whom you can get in touch and who can work with you individually. I know you’re thinking how hard it looks, but there are many producers and producers of rhythms who make their living working with artists one by one for the next album or mixtape of the artists. You can also find this kind of producers and rhythm makers here online!

Tip number three is going out to open microphones in your local area! There is no better way to draw attention locally than to go out and get to the city. It is very important that the music artists stand up in front of the crowds and act so that they can not only be used by the crowds but that they can slowly build a fan base locally.

You should also read A Man’s Purpose Book! So there you have it! Find HOT rhythms, get your producer and act locally! Becoming a top-selling music artist has never been so easy! Now, of course, there are more things to take care of as you become more and more popular, but taking the first steps and getting wet is one more step toward greatness.